Braces, Ballerinas, and Babies- Oh My!

Today I took Gabby and AJ for their 6 month dentist appointment. We have a wonderful children’s dentist that the girls adore called Kids Smile. We never have to wait to be seen, are in and out in about 15 minutes (for both girls!), and the staff is beyond nice. It doesn’t hurt that the girls view a trip to the dentist like a trip to the toy store or their favorite park! We have never made the dentist something to worry about, the girls take really good care of their teeth (actually they love brushing… sometimes I have to drag them out of the bathroom!), and they know that the dentist is a friend who is there to make sure they have nice smiles. Well, today we found out that although the girls have great teeth with no cavities, Miss Gabby is going to have to have braces sooner than later. Apparently her top teeth that border the middle two are coming in sideways. I am very thankful that we have great dental insurance!

Also today I got to teach my first classes at Dancexcel in Medina! What a joy teaching dance to children is for me… I can’t even begin to tell you the pleasure it is to show kids how much fun moving can be- the possibilities in each motion. Even though the class size is quite big, I keep them well managed and busy with a fun blend of technique and silliness! I teach the youngest dancers and love setting the stage for a life of creating art with their bodies.

Finally, Miss Moira took her first steps pushing a ride-on toy! I knew that this baby was going to be walking soon… but before 10 months?! AHHHH!!!! I just want to freeze time, she is growing and changing so fast. She will walk very confidently if someone has her hands and can even walk along holding only one hand. It is nuts!

Part of me is sad that this is my last baby to do all these firsts… a part of me doesn’t want this to be it because I love being a mother and seeing my little ones walk their own paths. But then again, I will be happy to get to that point where she can talk and tell me what is wrong and such. Also, the whole eating crayons and random objects thing is really stressful… I swear this baby finds ever little thing on the floor and tries to eat it!

So that was my day… how was yours?

(this is my favorite So You Think You Can Dance routine…. pure love!)

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2 thoughts on “Braces, Ballerinas, and Babies- Oh My!

  1. stopped by to check it out. looks good! and for the record, that too is one of my all time
    favorite so you think you can dance routines. watched it again and it still gives me chills.

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