Apple Picking 2011

Woot woot! Today is Friday! (Although really, in my little world this has no special meaning) Today we went on our annual apple picking trip and even though it looked dark and rain-ish, no drops fell. We went to a wonderful farm called Pick-N-Save where there are tons of things to pick from pumpkins to raspberries, apples to fresh eggs!  It was a lot of fun to pick with the girls and to introduce Moira to the fun of fall. This weekend we will get getting pumpkins and such, I am getting into our fall routine and decorating the house this weekend. Sigh… thank goodness fall is here. I am over the heat, humidity, and bugs!

We talked about different kinds of apples, how these looked different than the ones in the grocery store because they are fresh, how bees help pollinate the trees, and so much more. A successful homeschooling trip, even though it didn’t feel like learning- we were just talking!

Moira was a little unsure of apple picking at first but once there was an apple in her hand she had a great time! Here are some pics from our great morning!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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