¿Habla Español?

My heritage has always been a big fat ¿ for me. See, I fully realize that I look NOTHING like my siblings or the rest of my family. For one thing no one else is an inch away from Munchkinland. Second of all, they are all pale folk who tend to speak French or German when given the choice. And third- apparently the Boob Fairy visited me a lot and forgot about my sisters! Me? I am a short, curvy, tan chick who was speaking fluent Spanish by middle school with ease. Then there was this photo in my baby book:

No one has ever seen this photo aside from a handful of people…

This is my half brother and half sister whom I have never met- Jeffery and Jennifer Iglesias. My grandmother thought that I came from Spanish speaking folk… but from where? I always got pretty creative with those pesky forms that ask your heritage in school- since no one told me what I was and I had to put something down (and OTHER wasn’t an option yet)… I never knew what to put for sure! And now that Gabby is getting older she wants to know more about where she comes from, which is not easy to explain as it is. A couple of my best friends have decided that we will just assume I am Mexican since everyone needs a good Mexican friend. I have been asked if I am Italian, Egyptian, and Greek many times… so maybe I have Spanish roots? Who knows!

As a child I liked to steal Baby Jesus out of Nativity scenes and hide them… a great Catholic start!

I guess unless I actually get to meet my father I will never really know what the heck I am.  The girls love looking at photos of me as a baby and asking me questions about when I was a kid. I wish that I had more photos to share with them but these are their favorites:

(* I would love to actually find my father, but all I have is a name and the names of the kids- not enough to do a search… unless someone has any ideas!)

What about you? Do your kids like looking at your childhood photos or things?


One thought on “¿Habla Español?

  1. I can personally understand your frustration and curiousity as to your true “roots”.  I must say the school photo of you reminds me so much of Gabby.  I know you have a awesome computer and now a days there are extensive resources available that didn’t exist in the past that (for a fee) would gladly assist you in your quest.  You’re great on the computer so I would Google ’til your fingers can’t Google anymore.  Julianna and Elaina enjoy my childhood photos as well but there are questions that I myself have found difficult to answer in explaining why certain family members are only photos (deceased); why there are only a few- and I mean few photos of me and my father.  On Tony’s side of the family tracing ethnic roots has been rather dead end.  Due to estrangement that existed with some of his extended family in the past I don’t even know the names of all of his grandparents.  Good luck! 

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