Fall Craftiness

Yesterday it was rainy and gloomy here, the perfect day to decorate the house for fall and Halloween. However, when Klint went downstairs to get the tub of decorations we had a nasty surprise. Somehow mold had gotten into the tote and completely took over all my lovely decorations… plastic pumpkins, wooden witches, and a ton of random little knick-knacks… all icky-fied by mold. Of course I could have tried to salvage some of it, but the smell alone was enough to make me gag!

It was a really hot, humid, and wet summer, bad enough that even our dry basement was compromised by the rain. Still… I am saddened by the loss. BUT, of course there is a bright side- it’s CRAFTY time! Thanks to Pinterest and my fellow bloggers I have a whole lot of inspiration to get me going on making some new things to pretty up the space. Here are some of my favorites: (click on the pic to go to the tutorial!)

So how do you like to decorate for Halloween and fall?

Do you combine the two or touch on both at the same time?

2 thoughts on “Fall Craftiness

  1. So sorry about the mold. I know how it must feel to lose knick-knacks and decorations. I haven’t lost things to mold but after my hubby has been in the military so long, there have been countless things that have either gotten damaged beyond repair or lost with moving so much that has had sentimental value.

    I absolutely LOVE the ghost and the glass hurricanes. I think I’ve told you already that I’m not crafty at all but I will definitely be going to Michael’s this weekend to get the things for both. xx

    1. I will help you on your path to craftiness! Although sometimes my ideas do not always go according to plan, as you will read tomorrow… I have tons of cute ideas on my Pinterest boards to share on MU!

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