Without Your Consent…

There are many things that parents will not allow their children to do without their consent or at least knowing… sleep over a friend’s house, join a club, go swimming, cross a busy street, go on a date. But did you know that in the state of California it was decided that children can make a really important decision that can affect their entire lives without your knowledge or consent? Children, as young as 12, now get to make the decision whether to get vaccinated for STD’s and there is nothing that the parents can do about it.

Never mind that the Gardisal vaccine has caused an untold amount of damage to young people, never mind the fact that these vaccines are being pushed onto minors who are not given the chance to make an informed decision… don’t believe me? Just go here to see all the official reports on the “possible” side effects that this dangerous drug has had on so many girls. It is bad enough that even mainstream pediatricians and family doctors are not administering it because even the developer himself has stated that the drug only prevents abnormal pap smears, not cervical cancer itself.

But aside from the fact that this is a vaccine that has had so many issues- what about those who have religious reasons for declining the vaccinations? Are those kids pulled out from all the pressuring and “information” that is being passed out? What about the kids whose parents took the time to fill out the Philosophical Belief form to decline the vaccinations? Are they being pressured through fear to get vaccines? As a parent I have a serious problem with ANYONE sticking anything into my kids that may damage them, ESPECIALLY without my consent! What happens when a child has a reaction and because the parent had no clue that they were given a shot (because of course kids don’t always hand over important papers, especially concerning sex and such!) medical attention is delayed too long? Do you see where I am having a problem with this new law…

Finally, what happens when a child is injured from the vaccine, who is going to be responsible? Did anyone stop to think that by telling kids that this shot will help prevent STD’s that the rate of unprotected sex is going to skyrocket? Sigh… I find it to be a sad day when the state feels that informed parents are getting in the way of it’s agenda so it is going straight to the kids, whom it is supposed to be protecting. Even worse is the fact that if something does go wrong and your child has an adverse reaction- there is absolutely no accountability.

Would you buy a car from a manufacturer that has a history of faulty parts AND you can’t seek retribution if your car happens to be faulty? NO! So why is everyone ok with injecting poisons into their kids and just *hoping* for the best?


One thought on “Without Your Consent…

  1. have we really strayed this far from the old addage of just don’t have sex to ok they are gonna do it and we accept it now lets make it as safe as possible??? eekk. guess i’ll go against the grain,granted i will not lock my child up or get seriously upset if they do go ahead and have sex but i would prefer they didnt and hope i can teach them enough to wait and be sure and understand all the outcomes if they do….ive always thought telling young girls a part of delivering is pooping and puking that just might scare them to be safer…it sure scared me and i was 23,lol. although i was lucky and neither occured

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