When Craftiness Goes Wrong

Do you ever get a picture in your head of something and then when you try to make it a reality it goes woefully wrong? Usually it isn’t a problem for me… I can see things, take them apart in my head, and then recreate them pretty easily. However, there are times….

Remember this project?

Well, I decided to do something similar, but with a fall twist since I am replacing all of our decorations. In my head I imagined using a whole bunch of brown crayons on a tall canvas, melting them like the other project but letting the drips look like branches. Then I would glue faux leaves onto the branches and viola! a wonderful fall tree scene! But… what I didn’t count on was the wax not behaving and splattering all over the canvas… leaving my “trunk” looking more like, well smeared poo!

I just couldn’t move forward with the project with the poo-ish looking trunk! So see, even the most craftiest people can make crap- literally! Well, back to the drawing board… =)


2 thoughts on “When Craftiness Goes Wrong

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