Friday Wishes

This Friday I have a few pennies to toss in the well…

Here are my wishes!

To have a great party for the girls on Saturday- I love these honey sticks as a thank you favor, how sweet!

To find some pallets for this kind of space for the hubby and I… and maybe make a space like this for my girls…

Pretend with the girls like we are in grand old Paris with the help of this paper city printable

Pick out some lovely yarn for these awesome fingerless gloves and get supplies for a spooooky filled jar and some rock spiders

and catch some quiet time for a pile of books that I have sitting on the bedstand!

(Doesn’t this poster just make you smile?)

So those are my weekend wishes… what are yours?

Oh, if you are interested in procrastinating please check out my post over on the new blog I am writing for called Motherhood Uncovered!

It is funny and filled with tons of good reads- promise!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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