10 Months Old!

Yesterday my little one turned 10 months old… she seems so big but so teeny all at once!

Here are some highlights on Miss Moira’s progress:

Moira is now a cruising, dancing, teething bundle of energy!

She scoots around in the most peculiar way, a cross between a butt scoot and a running crawl, lol.

She is noticing the world around her and adores going to the zoo to see the animals,

she has learned that at home when she clicks her tongue the cats and dog come- so she tries it at the zoo with the elephants and gorillas!

Moira loves to snuggle at night with me, is a champion nurser still, and has discovered how to climb (which gives me heart attacks daily!)

Time is flying by too fast with my little girl!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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