Monday Loves

Happy Columbus Day!!

Here are a few things that I am ❤-ing this wonderfully sunny and warm Monday:

1. Project 333– I made it through and cleaned out my entire dresser and shoe rack-yippee!! I will be posting more about this soon…

2. Trader Joe’s Peach Pops– seriously this is sunshine in a tube… ❤, especially because they are $1.99 for a box of 6

3. I need to make this pretty butterfly and yarn wreath, it is cozy and nature-ish all at once!

4. The Rhythm of Family by Amanda and Stephen Soule (book review of this tomorrow!!!)

5. I am in ❤ with this Christmas card photo. I love how wintery it looks and a simple word says it all. (Not too mention that I can see where the kids should be placed!) Going to replace the cow with our dog, but all in all, this is my inspiration photo!

6. Moira needs this costume for next year… seriously. I didn’t think scarecrows were cute until now… ❤


So that is what I am loving today… what are you loving?


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