Only 33? What I have left…

Project 333 update: 

It isn’t being a chick and whittling down a wardrobe to only 33 items, including shoes and accessories! Not to mention the constant temptation to buy new clothing items… it is stressful, lol. After a whole morning of clearing out both dressers, the closet, and random piles of clothes strewn about, Klint and I managed to donate 3 HUGE garbage bags of clothing to the Salvation Army PLUS boxed up a bunch of things for later review. We got rid of so much that we freed up Klint’s whole dresser- impressive for me since I have a pretty large dresser and cut my clothing to about half. So what did I decide to keep you ask? Here is the list:


  • PANTS: 4 pairs of jeans- 2 straight leg and 2 bootcut
  • PANTS: Black pinstriped dress pants
  • PANTS: Grey khakis
  • PANTS: Black Leggings to go under dresses and skirts
  • DRESS: Little Black Dress
  • DRESS: Casual Ocean Blue
  • DRESS: Layering blue flannel sundress (worn over jeans as a long shirt!)
  • SWEATER: Long grey
  • SWEATER: Zip up Orange
  • SWEATER: Fair Isle
  • SHIRT: Grey Thermal Henley
  • SHIRT: Hot Pink Long sleeve
  • SHIRT: Flannel Shirt
  • SHIRT: Dark Brown Turtleneck
  • SHIRT: Life Is Good Long sleeve Tee
  • SHIRT: Turquoise Polo
  • SHIRT: Fleece
  • SHIRT: College Hoodie
  • SHIRT: Pink Zip Sweatshirt
  • SHIRT: 4 layering tees
  • PURSE: Vera Bradley
  • SHOES: Grey Converse
  • SHOES: Vibram Fivefingers
  • SHOES: AE Slipons
  • SHOES: Moccasins
  • SHOES: Sweater Boots
  • ACCESSORY: Pink and Black Scarf

Not a bad list! Of course, there are still some things in the laundry that I haven’t taken into consideration so the list may change. But these are my favorites (plus it helps that I dance a ton and live in lounge wear, which is not counted!) All in all, a very productive morning!! Would you join in this project? Why or why not?  If you are interested, click the pic above to get started!

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