Being Thankful

I am thankful…

for my girls who are happy and healthy,

for a dog who not only loves everyone, but protects me and is so very patient,

for a husband who supports me and can figure out anything mechanical or techno,

for friends who love me and support my opinions,

for weather that has been mild and enjoyable,

for a house that is warm and comfortable,

for my many jobs that nurture my creativity rather than stifle it,

for simple pleasures like scarves, honeydew tea, classical music, and candlelight,

for the beauty of the city around me- leaves changing and people getting ready for holidays,

for being here and for being me.

I am so very thankful.

9 thoughts on “Being Thankful

    1. Thanks David! Spooky is half Husky so she comes by her two different colored eyes naturally, many people ask if she is blind in the white one though! =)

    1. Lol, I check every time I go… I actually found one of the tea bags and am sending it your way, along with something I made for you. =) Hopefully the weather lets you get some use out of it!

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