A Tat-olly Cool Barbie

Did you hear about the new Barbie causing all the stir? She has pink hair, trendy clothes, and…. wait for it… tattoos! Not the slip on kind, but the painted on the skin kind. And well, I am sorta excited about her. Her name is Tokidoki Barbie and she is the talk of the town right now.

Now mind you, I can do without the anorexic sized body, but at least the clothes aren’t cleavage revealing. I am all about her pink hair, the pink mini, and of course the tattoos. CNN ran the story here and you should read all the comments. Mothers hide your girls from this Barbie! They are going to come home tattooed with pierced va-ja-jays for sure after playing with this doll!!! I never thought I would be defending a Barbie, but all the fuss over the tats is just ludicrous.

Maybe I am a little biased. I am a tattooed girl and love me some pretty body ink. And when my girls want to get a tattoo, I will fully support them as long as it is well thought out and not some dudes name on their bums. Tattoos are fun, personal, and a statement… plus this is not the 50’s when only social deviants sported tattoos… or is it?

This is a comment about the Barbie, “Encouraging children that tattoos are cool is wrong, wrong, wrong. Mattel why not put a cigarette and a beer bottle in her hand while you’re at it!“.  “Maybe they should sell barbie as a prisoner or a lesbian too, that would also be politically correct or barbie with a stripper pole I bet a lot of strippers would buy that for their daughters too , let’s really prepare these kids for the future. why tell them fairy tales? we all know life is not a fairy tale.” {from here}

Hmmm…. last time I checked I didn’t smoke or drink beer. Obviously though, thanks to my sugar skull tattoo and my three strawberries I am an unfit parent, dooming my girls to a life on the street or hanging off a stripper pole.  Many other comments reflected this ignorant attitude that it is so very wrong to have a Barbie with a little more flair to her than the normal model. (By normal I mean unrealistic proportions, flawless hair and skin, and skimpy but acceptable wardrobe.) Some though at least understood that by playing with a tattooed doll their children will not all of a sudden run away to join a biker gang.

I showed the Barbie to Gabby and AJ, who squeeled with delight. I asked her why she likes the doll, (Gabby just glanced and walked away- girlfriend has no time for dolls, no matter how punked out they are!) and AJ replied, “Well, she has pink hair and nice sunglasses… oh, and pants like mine!”. Fair enough. She didn’t even care about the tattoos because in this house they are cool but not a big deal. Of course… the fact that AJ currently has 3 or 4 Hello Kitty tattoos on her arms may factor into that, lol.

At $50 each, the Tokidoki Barbie is not something that every parent is going to buy on a whim… unless they are fans of cool clothes, punked out hair, and pretty girlie tattoos!!! =)


4 thoughts on “A Tat-olly Cool Barbie

  1. Connie-I couldn’t agree more! I will be honest…I grew up loving Barbie(s) and my 2nd daughter has quite the collection right now. We play Barbie’s often, and I will admit that I love the fashion and fun we have. However, the stereotypical aryan-feel can be a bit boring–all blond, blue-eyed, big boobed, tiny waist, etc. I love anything new and different Barbie can do without taking away from women (think when the one came out wearing a shirt, or else being able to say, I can’t rememberwhich, “Math is hard.”). I think the pink hair is great. Having a doll with tattoos doesn’t lead to tattoos anymore than seeing people in public, on tv, etc. with them. Our children will be influenced most by the values and beliefs we lead with, and I hope, HOPE that my children learn that having a tattoo or pink hair, or going away from the norm doesn’t make them a bad person. I used to smoke and still drink (not habitually) and I am not a bad person. One question to ask yourself, or teach your children to ask themselves: “Is what I am about to do going to harm me or anyone else?” If no, then more than likely, your actions should be okay.

    1. Amy you are so right!! As moms to little girls we have more to worry about than pink hair and pretty tattoos. I love my own tattoos because they have meaning and were thought out.

  2. Parents today sometimes shock me…you will complain about cookie monster making kids only eat cookies and barbie making girls get tattoos…but yet when it comes to original barbie you don’t think it might make girls also get plastic surgery?? it is a doll, it’s goal is to create imagination and to make life a fairy tale, not make you that doll. My boys love those temporary tats and i’m cool with it as long as they don’t get too carried away, since esp with Justin once they are on he then decides shortly after to start trying to peel them off. i myself can not bring myself to get a tattoo, too afraid of pain it wont be perfect. i would prolly make my boys wait til they are 18 and have a job and make sure they really really want it.
    I wonder what they think of the feathers and color hair strands.
    i think she is cute and tastefully done to show that their is more then one style and way to express yourself.

  3. Um, wow. I read some of those comments over there….. It never ceases to amaze me how small-minded and judgmental people are. It’s very sad!! Comparing this to drinking, smoking, stripping, suicide, etc etc. What on earth?! I have tattoos, my husband has tattoos, my sister, both my parents, most of the people I know. And we’re all happy, healthy, upstanding citizens. 😉 I’m so glad that my kids aren’t growing up to judge people based on their appearance and style choices like so many of those commenters. And I love the Barbie. 🙂

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