I Want Candy!!!!!

We are a week away from Halloween and already the candy is rolling in. Most parents start to worry about how much candy that their child is going to consume, how to monitor the sugar intake, and what to do with the candy that is leftover. But, did you know that studies show that kids who eat candy weigh less and are less likely to be obese than the kids who never eat candy? (see the full story on that here!)

I am betting that it follows the line of thinking that if you give the kids full rein on the candy consumption, they will not overindulge and will self-moderate, as kids tend to do with most things. If kids feel like they can have a piece whenever they want, they don’t scarf it all down in one sitting. (Of course, I am not endorsing that candy replace all nutrition, kids will also need full access to healthy, nutritional foods to balance the candy) I know that I get cravings for something sweet, to the point that I would give my left arm for a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup. This way of thinking is harder than a Warhead for most parents to swallow though, so what do you do with all that candy? I don’t know about your neighborhood, but in ours the kids can bring home as much as a couple of pounds of candy- usually they dump their bags into a larger bag to make room toward the end!

Well, you have a couple of choices.

You could let the kids pick out their favorite pieces and then donate the rest to a shelter or hospital.You could craft with the leftover pieces- hard candy is perfect for a candy-themed wreath! I know a couple area dentists who pay for up to a $1/lb for Halloween candy or you can use it to make an infused Vodka- cinnamon hard candy would make a great holiday Vodka. You can crumble candy bars to go on top of cakes or cookies, turn hard candy into stained glass cookies. Did you know that candy can be frozen for up to a year? You can also use it to go into stockings or adorn the top of presents… The possibilities are endless!

My favorite thing to do though is appeal to the imagination of childhood- The Candy Fairy!! See, The Tooth Fairy has a cousin who looooooves candy. So after trick or treating you let your kids pick out some favorites and put the rest in a bag. The child then places the bag next to their pillow and goes to sleep. In the morning there is a small toy, a book, or some money! Genius right?!

How do you handle all the Halloween candy or candy year round for that matter?


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