My Life List

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of lists. I make them about anything and everything that I can think of from crafts I want to make soon to reasons why the kitten is pissing me off. Most everyone has heard the term “bucket list” and even though I do have a list of things I want to accomplish before I pass on, it by no means will determine the quality of my life. These are things that I would like to do just to do them, go because I have never been, and know that I did some pretty cool things in my lifetime. I am sure that as I get older and life happens the list will change and evolve… for now I am putting things on the list that are not only do-able but involve the family as it currently is (i.e. small kids and a limited budget).

1. Go to NYC around Christmas and see a Broadway show

2. Take a vacation to Maine and eat at a real lobster shack

3. Learn how to play the violin

4. Live out in the country

5. Buy a serger and learn how to make clothes

6. Go to Kelly’s Island with the hubby for a weekend away

7. Develop a taste for wine and find a wine that I adore

8. Have a whole month where I don’t spend any money except on gas and groceries

9. Be able to run a mile without feeling like my chest is caving in, then maybe work up to more!

10. Join a local choir or show choir, just for fun

11. Plant a kitchen garden and learn how to can food

12. Bake a pie from scratch

13. Get our house to 100% natural cleaning and household products

14. Go horseback riding with the girls

15. Go to Washington with Hana for a week, just us girls! =)


There are some more I am sure that I forgot to add, but there are a few. What about you? Do you have a bucket list or a life list?

Do you think that bucket lists are useful?


One thought on “My Life List

  1. I almost lost my battle with cancer 7 years ago, and for the first year after my treatments I would not plan on anything that was more than 1 month away in case I didn’t make it. After that my list was
    1) Plan something at least 5 years out anything, I planned my hubbies 50th birthday party
    2) I want to be a good grandma to the little ones, do things with them, teach them how to make soap from scratch, teach them how to bake a pie from scratch, (my crusts still suck but I make the best insides lol) and I come from a family who owned a bakery, teach them things that have been passed down from my great grandparents, to my grandparents, to my mother then to me, and now from me to them.
    3) To leave everyday like there may be no other
    4) To never have regrets
    5) The most important that I can ever do before I die is to let the people that I love know it, each and every day with either a word, a kiss or a hug

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