A Hayday!

Yesterday was a beautiful and pleasantly warm day here in NE Ohio. The trees still had a bit of color to them and the sky was shining blue. Klint and I decided to venture to the Cleveland Metroparks for some fall activities and as a bonus, the girls got to dress up. It is no secret that dressing up in costumes in pretty common in our house. We go to the library as ninjas, the grocery store as dinos, and have been known to even venture into the mall as pirates. But, any occasion that actually calls for costumes is a huge bonus! Gabby decided to try out her tiger getup while AJ opted for the tried and true poodle costume. She is actually going as a baby leopard for Halloween, but knew that she could be whatever she wanted yesterday. And, since it was Moira’s first Halloween she also got to wear her baby lion costume.

At the Chalet there were quite a few things for everyone to do. We started out with a hayride that included some pretty big hay fights!

Then the girls painted a pumpkin and danced to some fun music.

Balloon animals were made, hockey mascot was high-fived, and there was even a little hay maze for the kids to go through!

Moira got lots of smiles and comments, her costume was a bit cumbersome with the plush lion head attached to her belly. Still, she looked awful cute, as always!

All in all, it was a wonderful time with the girls and Klint. I am so glad that we had such a nice fall day to do it.

There shall be more Halloween goodness coming your way this week…

Do you have any Halloween traditions that you look forward to?



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