From Head to Toe

I have to dress up for Halloween in all my dance classes this week and in turning myself into a lion I did a quick search of easy but effective makeup tutorials to transform myself. I came across the coolest, prettiest, and most fashionable blog ever called From Head to Toe.

Jen is a cute, pretty, petite Korean chicky who loves fashion and beauty. Her tutorials are easy to follow, technique is flawless, and you can tell she has a genuine knack for fashion and beauty. I watched in amazement as she transformed herself into a pretty lion that wasn’t hokey or overdone and was inspired to do the same. Watch!!

Isn’t that amazing?!

Then I started browsing the rest of her blog and discovered how to do a gradient effect on my nails, a good skincare routine, what drugstore brands are good, and so much more. Seriously, if you want to see cute hairstyles, simple makeup tutorials, and neat nail effects this is the place to go!

Just recently Jen posted a tutorial on how to do Belle makeup which turned out really pretty and sweet. I can’t wait to see what else this awesome blog has in store!

(Speaking of doing Halloween makeup, check out this fun leopard makeup I did for AJ. She wanted to go to the zoo to see leopards and so she became one!)


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