The Books Are Back!

One of my favorite aspects about owning my own business is the luxury to take time off when I need to and the ability to really push myself when the need arises. I have been an Usborne consultant for about 3 years now and in those three years I have sold a lot of books, met some great people, and introduced many many children to our wonderful world of reading. Usborne really appeals to me because there are no minimums, you get your own website, and their stock pretty much sells itself.

I recently reopened my online store after taking a pretty long break when I had Moira. I am slowly getting back in the swing of book selling and am really looking forward to having more home shows and getting into some schools and libraries!

If you aren’t familiar with Usborne books and have children in your life, here are just a few of the titles that we offer. We have books from newborn to high school, they are lifetime guaranteed when you purchase from a consultant (rather than from a chain bookstore), and they are commercial free- meaning no TV characters or Justin Beiber pushing kids to buy merchandise!

(Click on the pic to go to my Usborne online store- Sunny Side Up Books)

As you can see we offer quite a selection.

Anything your child is into… we have a book about it. From monsters to pirates, ballet to bunnies- these books make great gifts for the upcoming holidays!


Now here is the awesome part!

I am giving away ONE COPY of one of my favorite books to one of YOU!!!!

“Squirrel has never seen it snow, and this year he is determined not to miss it. He wants his friends to see it too, but it’s hard to stay awake. Finally, winter arrives and snow is falling, or is it?”

Here’s how to enter to win:

1. Go to my store here.

2. Come back and leave a comment, telling me what books you would love for your kids! (Make sure you leave me your email so I can contact you!!)

**Bonus Entry- Have me set up an e-show for you so you can earn more free books for your children!!

It is FREE and I can leave the show open as long as you wish! **

The drawing closes at midnight (EST) on Monday, November 14th!

I will announce a winner on Tuesday, November 15th and have the book shipped directly from the store to whoever you choose.


Did you have a favorite book as a child? What is your favorite memory with books?


6 thoughts on “The Books Are Back!

  1. Baby’s First Little Book of Kittens caught my eye right away! My 10-month old loves our two cats and gets so excited when she sees pictures of other cats. I was seriously thinking earlier today that I should find a board book with lots of cat photos! I think she’d like the Pets Lift-the-Flap book too.

  2. My youngest son riveted towards Flip-Flap Cars. It’s so hard for me to pick because every book is so special and a valuable learning tool (that the kids don’t notice because they’re so fun!).

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