The Art of Journaling

In one of my favorite movies, My Sister’s Keeper, one of the main characters has a beautifully made scrapbook that she created for her family to have when she is gone. It is full of photos, color, words, and memories. Every time I watch the movie I can’t help but stare at it in wonder. For all the creativity I have scrapbooking is not something I have really gotten into. However, I have been seeing art journals popping up all over Pinterest and it got me wondering if that is something that I could do…

I adore typography, doodling, quotes, and of course art. I see this blog as a diary for my thoughts so I wouldn’t use the art journal for that… but I think that sometimes my ideas, hurts, and such would be better worked out in a more artistic manner. (I used to dance to clear my head, but let’s face it- 30 yr old knees can’t take all the life that I need to dance out!)

I have found some wonderful prompts, examples, and photos of other art journals and thought that maybe this is something some of you would like to try.

Kathy Barbro is an art teacher who is responsible for the lovely photo to the left. She is brilliant at giving her students ideas for their own art journals and I am sure that I will look to her site, found here, when inspiration is low.

Since art is unique to the individual, as are fingerprints, what better way to combine the two like this?

This blog has a fantastic post about kick starting your own art journal and accepting that it isn’t going to be perfect, but wonderful all the same!

This is the photo that got me thinking about starting my own art journal. I loved the boldness, the different fonts and colors, and the sentiment.

Here is another post about art journaling prompts… these give 50 simple ways to get going when you need a bit of a creative lift.

I haven’t decided yet on a kind of journal but I think that it may be a once a week thing or random type of project since there are many nights when I am too tired to do my regular work, nonetheless making a mess in a journal. =)

Do any of you keep a journal of some sort?

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Journaling

  1. Thanks for the great journaling links – I’m trying to journal for at least a few minutes every morning, so I will definitely use some of these ideas!

  2. Fab post xxx Do you know the director of the film, My sister’s keeper? I’d love to watch it! I’ve ‘googled’ it but loads of different films come up and I’m not sure which one it is! Thanks bex xx

  3. I do keep a journal — they are probably the only things besides my pets I would grab if the house is on fire. I filled up one between the ages of 14-20 and now I’m on a second…which I’m struggling to write in as much as I’m much busier now, lol! It’s interesting to read back through the years to see where my head was.

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