11 months!

Well we made it to 11 months! Moira has gone through so many changes in the last 4 weeks, it is both thrilling and bittersweet. She is her own little person, complete with quirks and attitude.

Moira has a total of 7 teeth now, is taking more and more steps, and does a variety of hand motions from signing “more” to giving high 5’s. She picks up nuances quickly and mimics snapping her fingers to call animals to her. One of her favorite places is the zoo, where she believes that all the animals are her friends.

Her personality is really out now and, like me, her emotions show loudly. She has started throwing herself on the floor when things don’t go her way and I am pretty convinced that I am more suicide prevention expert than mom these days. But at the same time she is quick to recover and go back to her sunny self.

I can’t believe that in a few short weeks she will be 1. I can remember every detail of her birth and now she is toddling around with her favorite toy- Grover. Too fast!

Happy 11 months baby girl!

One thought on “11 months!

  1. Oh my lord, she has 7 teeth, my granddaughter has only 4 and she just turned 1 last saturday. Wow they really grow up fast don’t they?

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