Book Review: I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Christmas is only 50 something days away and already the commercials are going, ads are out, and stores are setting all their displays up. I don’t really mind the early arrival of the decor because it is one of my favorite times of year, plus I get a head start on my shopping strategy for the girls. Even though we have the 4 gift rule, I still put a few surprises under the tree from Santa and us.

One of my objectives this year is to make it a little greener and actually par down our house a bit. I plan on using fabric to wrap gifts, removing and recycling packaging before present opening, and more. When I spotted the book I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas at our local library I had to give it a peek.

Inside this pretty book you will find easy recipes, ideas for eco-friendly decorations, and ways to cut down on the environmental impact of the holiday season. I really enjoyed  some of the gift ideas like the recycled tshirt potholders and the recycled cashmere pillows. This is more of an adult based book rather than geared towards a family. It touches on buying organic caviar and sending e-greetings rather than sending actual Christmas cards. All in all, I thought that there were great ideas for making your holiday easier on the Earth while still enjoying many of the traditional happenings of Christmas.

I would have like to see more information geared towards a family with smaller children and crafts that they could participate in, there was one page that had about 6 ideas for eco-friendly gift giving. It is a visually pretty book and the photos are pleasant to look at, very calming.

How do you try to keep your Christmas a littler “greener”? Is this a book you might consider for your own holidays?


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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