5 minutes in the life of Moira

A peek into the life of a very active 11 month old…

1. Pick me up.
2. Milk now.
3. Never mind, put me down.20111117-005759.jpg
4. Wait, I’m hungry…
5. I am HUNGRY!
6. What’s Gabby doing?
7. Back to the milk.
8. Ooooh! The kitten wants to play.
9. Down.
10. Down NOW!
11. Where are you going?
12. Pick me up so I can come.
13. Don’t put me down!
14. Mmm, paper to eat.
15. Give that back woman!
16. Now where are you going?
17. I wanted to eat that!
18. Yay, books!
19. Mmmm… Books taste good.
20. Hmmm, I want milk with my books.
21. No, I don’t want to nurse!
22. Try that again and I bite lady!
23. Put me down.
24. Scary vacuum! Pick me up!
25. Watch this, I can dance.
26. Maybe I’ll try this walking thing…
27. Yay, a chair to climb!
28. Bonus! AJ left crackers and a doll here!
29. Maybe some more milk…

Lol, and that is a small snippet of our day! How is your day??


3 thoughts on “5 minutes in the life of Moira

  1. 30. Should I be here? probably not, so I should do what I want before they get me
    31. Leave me alone! Foiled again!
    32. That necklace is shiney! Let me bite it, it must taste good
    33. You’re drinking tea? It must be for me, give me a sip
    34. AHHH! I’m soaked! How did that happen?

  2. Oooh, don’t I remember those days! Dead-on, especially the constant change of mind. This had me chuckle a few times.
    At the moment we are dealing more with the ‘Let’s see how far I can push this before Mommy starts shouting’ phenomenon. Liam is 2 1/2 and he knows right from wrong really well but isn’t shy to test my reactions to his frequent passing overs to the ‘dark side’. I so often have to keep myself from laughing when he slowly does something naughty while looking at me sideways so as not to miss the point of reaction.
    But the best bit comes WHEN I react. He screams bloody murder, tears and snot and all, without me ever touching him or even being very stern. Very entertaining indeed, although somewhat exhausting at times 🙂

    1. Lol, Moira likes to watch me to see what I will do too! She loves to shake her head no, and then climb up the stairs, telling herself no the whole time… lol. I love that your son goes to the dark side as well… it is a place we are very familiar with!

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