Blog Review: The Imagination Tree

Be Warned… you will spend a LOT of time on this blog! Let me introduce you to The Imagination Tree, by Anna Ranson. Anna is a UK mum to two little girls and an art educator among other things. Her blog is a creative wonderland that inspires and also simplifies the mystery of great creative play. Anna is an advocate for the importance of playtime, a cause near and dear to my own heart. But, she shows that you don’t need plastic store bought toys to have fun and that all kids really need is what parents already know- boxes, nature, a few random items, and freedom to have open ended playtime.

I found The Imagination Tree on Pinterest when I was looking for cardboard box ideas and spent over an hour just looking at all the wonderful projects and reading the well written posts. Everything from sensory boxes, like above, to baby play… something that I am not that great at doing because I get hung up on the eating materials factor with Moira. I finally made myself go to bed but felt so inspired to be more spontaneous and guiding with the girls playing. I get in the bad habit of just telling the girls to go play while I cook or take care of Moira, which inevitably leads to squabbles and boredom quickly. Now I have many ideas on creating spaces and open ended activities that will hopefully enhance the girls imaginations.

Here are some of my favorite projects:

Discovery Box 10- Tape, Tubes, and Beans

Giant Rainbow Collage

Monster Dough

DIY Treasure Chest

Edible Finger Paint


Seriously, this blog is a must read for anyone who enjoys simple crafting, messy fun, and imaginative times with the kids.

It is chock full of ideas and soon will be looking at the recycling bin in a whole new way! =)

Happy playing!!


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