Well, It’s Official…

We have a Walker! No, not like The Walking Dead type of walker… although that would be something to blog about as well… lol. Miss Moira is officially a walking little babe!!!! She has been cruising for awhile, taking steps here and there since about 10 months. But she decided yesterday that she was going to walk 75% of the time, that 25% is reserved for when she is in a big hurry and needs to either evade her sisters or come get me quick. It is sort of shocking to see this teeny girl just toddling about, carrying things, climbing (lordy this girl is going to give me grey hairs with all the climbing!), and answering questions with real answers. When asked if she wants more dinner she will sign “all done” and claps for herself a ton… seriously, where did the time go?

Here is a short clip of Moira’s cute toddle!

In a few short weeks Moira will be one, the last of my babies to grow and change that amazing first year. She has brought a simple balance to our family, everyone adores her and fights to play with her or read to her, and her sisters go out of their way to make her smile and giggle. (We’ll see how nice they are now that she can walk into their room anytime and reach things that used to be safe, lol!)

Walk on little sister, walk on!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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