Santa Clause: Yay or Nay?

As my oldest girl gets older I am asked more and more if Gabby still believes in Santa Clause. Right now she does believe in Santa, is excited for him to come visit… but he isn’t the star attraction. While we are not a Christian household, we still wanted to keep the spirit of the season rather than the materialism of it as the reason for celebrating. Joy, a common hope for peace, family, and of course baking, are big reasons on our list to celebrate.

We keep the “wants” to a minimum with the 4 gift rule and stress making gifts, and Santa brings a special gift or two, but it isn’t the biggest or best gift. Last year he simply filled stockings with little gifts of chapstick, socks, hair pins, and oranges. I actually don’t understand why so many people tell their kids to ask Santa for the most extravagant gifts instead of giving them outright? Why would I give credit to a person that doesn’t exist for the biggest and best gifts?! I want the girls to know that those things came from Daddy and I, that they don’t have to ask someone else for the item that they want the most, and that we enjoy giving them presents as much as Santa does.

Growing up I was always told to make a list for Santa to look over. It involved looking at all the toy catalogs, dreaming of toys and things that I knew Mom would never buy because she couldn’t afford them, and making sure that I was extra good or else Santa wouldn’t come through. This practice resulted in two things. 1. If Santa got me the ulta cool things on my list it reinforced the idea that we were poor and if I wanted anything good I had to ask someone else. 2. If I didn’t get the stuff on my list I must have been bad and put on the naughty list. Make sense?

Still, we love the spirit of the season and all the fun that comes with it, like watching Christmas movies to singing carols in the car. This year we will add a little Elf to our home (an Elf on the Shelf) whom the girls named Vicky already. But, rather than spy on the girls for Santa, Vicky is going to come live with us and get into trouble at night while the girls are sleeping… hehehe!

I don’t want to take away the magic of Christmas by not including Santa at all so I think that we found a good balance in how we approach the topic… So I want to know: Does your family do the Santa thing? If so, how do you do it? Did you grow up with a rich Santa who got you all the good stuff?

One thought on “Santa Clause: Yay or Nay?

  1. I agree with you totally about the santa thing, But what I want to know, is how that little elf will get into mischief? Sounds like so much fun, and something I could share with our daughter for her little ones.

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