Jingle Baby, Jingle All the Way!

I don’t know how I survived without Pinterest but once again I was inspired and created something that my little girl adores!

I saw these a few days ago…

… and fell completely in love.

So here are the ones I made for Moira, perfect for a new walker!

I crocheted them from a wonderful rainbow skein of yarn that I found at a local craft store, it changes color really slowly and has a nice texture too it.

Moira loves walking around the house, listening to herself make pretty music…

I like knowing where she is all the time because girlfriend can move now, quickly!!

I really liked them because they whipped up quick, I have made 4 or 5 pairs in just a night.

I didn’t use a pattern since the original was for knitting, but have my method now that I have made a couple sets.

Definitely a fun and easy craft for beginning knitters or crocheters!


4 thoughts on “Jingle Baby, Jingle All the Way!

  1. These are brilliant! I need them for my 2 year old when we go to Target so I can keep track of her there. 😉

    I remember your post on knitting and the tools to help and I’ve tried for years but I think croucheting is more up my alley. Do you have any suggestions as far as websites or guide books when it comes to learning to crouchet?

    It’s so funny because my mom used to crouchet but she was always so tense when she did it and everything she would make would end up curling up, practically into a ball, like doilies and coasters.

    When you would put your glass on a coaster, the glass would either tilt or practically spill over. 🙂

  2. I saw these on Pinterest as well and immediately thought of a few first walkers that needed them. I crochet only (can’t knit), do you have a basic pattern I can go off of? I was thinking of making them like a sweater cuff so that they would be stretchy but I don’t want them to fall off either. Help?

    1. I crochet as well Maggie! I did a simple pattern that gave some stretch but wasn’t too loose. I went off my wrist size because I have pretty tiny wrists, for my 1 yr old’s pair shown. I chained about 32 I think with a smaller hook, then did a pattern of one sc and two hdc (half double crochet). You can do whatever suits you though… it’s pretty easy to do if you know the basics! I did it in a round so that I wouldn’t have to join seams.
      Hope this helps!!

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