{Right Now}

Right now I am….

{reading} The Hunger Games… what great books! I was up until almost 2 in the morning reading the first one!

{eating} Goldfish Cocoa Adventures crackers- They are addicting, especially with a tall glass of milk.

{listening} to Pandora’s Sesame street station. Moira is in looooooove with Grover, Cookie Monster, and Elmo

{making} some scarves for good friends, in some beautiful chunky roving. Eternity scarves are my new favorite and bestest.

{feeling} relieved that my recent crazy schedule is over with. I love selling books but hate being away from the girls, especially Moira.

{watching} AJ complete a sticker book, Moira patter around on every more confidant legs, and Gabby read a new book (with her tongue sticking out of her mouth

{knowing} that in a blink of an eye this scene will look very different and these girls of mine will be grown up

{thinking} about all the yummy Christmas cookies I want to make, like these and these!

{dancing} to this song…. it is a beautiful rendition of my favorite Christmas carol

{wearing} my comfiest torn jeans, glasses, and a simple long sleeve tee… a comfortable outfit before the dance clothes are back on

{hoping} that I can get everything together for Moira’s party, Christmas, and our 8 yr anniversary… two of which are in a week!

{learning} how to use the Sock Loom that Klint bought me as an early anniversary gift! I am so excited to make my own socks =)

{wishing} that there were more hours in the day to make things, play with the girls, dance, and just enjoy life.

{loving} all the Elf on the Shelf ideas on Pinterest… like the elf donuts shown above! (They are really Cherrios!!)

Happy Thursday!


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