Guilty Pleasures When Life Isn’t Pleasurable

In the last two days we celebrated two wonderful occasions- my 8 year wedding anniversary and Moira’s 1st birthday. It was wonderful but hidden in the midst was a bit of unpleasantness that I am trying so very hard not to dwell on. The night before our anniversary someone broke into our car and stole from us. What did they steal you wonder? Not the iPhone speakers, not the change in the cup holder, and not the toys that the kids left in the car. No… the only two things stolen from the car were my makeup bag full of half used mostly Target brand makeup and my Vera Bradley diaper bag that had all my dance gear inside.

My ballet shoes, tap shoes that Klint gave me for a birthday, my jazz sneakers that got me through college, and other necessities to teach dance. Smelly, glorious shoes that are my love and the source of my income. The loss of them is something that is beyond monetary- although that part sucks as well.

I am sure that the thief thought that they were getting a pricey large purse full of good stuff and not a bag with tiny dance shoes. The kicker is that my shoes are probably sitting in some dumpster somewhere… ugh. So the lesson I learned is that if there is something in the car that would kill me to have to replace, even if I am the only one who values it- lock the car. Even in one’s own driveway.

Lucky for me that I bounce back, even when my heart is hurting. So I made a list of things that make me happy, little guilty pleasures that can bring a smile to my face but not put a dent in my now tight pocketbook.(Did I mention that my dance paychecks were also in the dance bag, waiting to be cashed the next day?) These are the little things that make everything ok, at least puts things back in the right direction.

What are your guilty pleasures?

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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