The Adventures of Vicki

This year I decided to add a new member to our Christmas traditions- Vicki the Elf!

(Isn’t her skirt cute?! It is a Christmas scrunchie!)

Vicki came home with me from the store and the girls found her driving our car!

So far she has gotten into quite a bit of trouble….

She decorated the Christmas tree with the girl’s underwear!

She made a mess cutting out snowflakes.

She had a snowball fight with the Lego dudes and Klint’s Battle Beasts, went on the computer and typed a letter to the kids…

Made a bed in a box of Kleenex and roasted marshmallows over a candle!

We don’t have Vicki here to spy on the girls, personally I think that would creep all of us out. (A Christmas version of Chucky if you will!)

She is here to cause mayhem and add a bit more whimsy to the season. I hate hearing parents using the Elf as a tool to manipulate and guilt their kids into good behavior, it takes away some of the magic. (We didn’t even read or show the girls the book that came with her) I love coming up with things to do with Vicki and seeing the girl’s excitement when they find Vicki… =) There are tons of great ideas all over the web, many of which are so creative and fun. Yay for another Christmas tradition!

More pics to come soon I am sure!

ps: Elves LOVE video games and maple syrup!


8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Vicki

  1. Oh my gosh Connie, this is the most hilarious post I’ve ever seen! 🙂 Now I have the sudden urge to watch the movie Elf. I think the purpose of getting an elf to spy on kids is pretty creepy too but having her play with legos and have snowball fights is awesome. xx

  2. What an awesome job your elf is doing! I totally agree with avoiding the whole guilt thing and creeping the kids out, but it is fun to get up to a bit of elf mischief!

  3. We have an Elf too–Randall. He’s been pretty calm this year, but I think next year he might up his antics and become creative and mischievous. He comes to us for fun and a game (find Randall every morning). Although I read the story to the girls, we don’t use him as a behavioral manipulator; I frown upon that stuff as a therapist and mother. I love all your pictures of VIcki–she’s a fun elf for your girls!

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