Book Review: The Repurposed Library

I saw this little gem in Anthropologie a month or two ago and knew that it had to be mine! It combines my two favorite things- books and crafts. There are some really lovely craft ideas in here to decorate your home and give as gifts to other bibliophiliacs. With more and more people switching over to e-readers like the Kindle or Nook lovely vintage books are finding their way into consignment stores, half price book stores, and GoodWill. What to do with all these beauties? Bring them back to life by turning them into something new!

The Repurposed Library has 33 projects that range from quick and easy to kind of complicated. Although there are not photo directions but hand drawn ones, if you are somewhat crafty you should be ok. Once in awhile I had to go look at the end photo to see where the directions were heading. I really enjoyed the way that the directions were laid out, in a clear manner with materials listed and then numbered directions. The author gives really good tips and tricks on how to get the book block out without damaging the spine and how to repair a book.

My favorite projects are the book wreath, the bookmobile, and this sewing box:

This is definitely something that I could use and seems easy enough to do. There are so many projects in this book that even kids would do and ways to take beautiful books and turn them into art. All in all, I think that The Repurposed Library would be a great addition to any craft room!!

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