That Dream Job

Today I was browsing on some of my favorite shopping sites and came across a job opportunity that stopped my whole train of thought. It made me re-read the description over and over, savoring every detail, dreaming of the possibilities. The problem? This job is all the way in California and I am here in Ohio.

Buy the Jelly Camera Phone Filters at the Photojojo Store!


Photojojo is a really cool shop for photographers both expert and novice. They feature products that make taking photos fun. From shot glasses that look like expensive camera lenses to jelly filters that turn your phone’s camera into cool effects, it is a perfect place to find neat gifts for you and your loved ones who are into taking pics. What I really like about the store is the visual impact that it makes with its clean layout, fun colors, and neat pics that show the products in use.

So of course I see the job opportunity button and click it, just for fun, fully knowing that the company is based in CA. I glance over the jobs that are definitely not “connie-ish”and then click on a teeny little link on the side only to see THIS:

Dream Job Available: Entrepreneurial Bad-Ass

Who Believes Work/Life Balance is a Crock

OMG! Are you serious? Lol, that is a constant talk between Klint and I… about how employers don’t get that there can’t possibly be a “balance” when you feel like your soul is being sucked out of you everyday. When I worked in an office I did everything possible to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, from using fun accessories to having a nice system to organize my work. (Labels in fun fonts helped too!!) However, insurance isn’t exactly a thriving creative environment and when I get bored I get a little “inventive” with my time… so that was the end of that. 😉

I love dancing and teaching dance, don’t get me wrong. But let’s face it, dancing isn’t something I can do forever and with one knee surgery under my belt already I know my dancing days are numbered. What I really need is a job where I can be my bossy creative self, scour the earth for cool things that I think others would like, and get a change of scenery for the familia and me. I definitely enjoy a challenge and thrive in an environment where the odds are stacked against me… and let’s not forget my Pinterest, blogging, and Etsy addictions. I am pretty sure those things are a positive for this job.

Anyhow, I think that I may apply, just to say what I want to say and maybe the job gods will smile down on me and send us on our way to sunshine and a better future. I have taken chances before and am not afraid of hard work- especially if it is FUN hard work.  Of course part of me thinks that it is entirely silly of me to apply for a job allllll the way across the country, but that is part of being young don’t you think?

And just to show you all what I think I may be able to contribute to this little endevor of creating my dream office supply store here are some products that I am in loooooove with!

Chalkboard decal weekly calendar from looksugar on Etsy

awesome iPhone/iPod charger from Rich Neeley Designs

Cube notes from Knock Knock

Love me some Wahi Tape! How can you be glum when you are using this??

(from Pretty Tape)

Portal book ends from Think Geek

Industrial Chic desk organizers from Sorting with Style

Wooden Paper clip station from Gizmine

Teeny Business Card Stamp on a Keyring from Cranky Pressman

Ok, so I found tons more cool things that I would stock my office store with…. washable bud earphones, a very sleek stand that turns your iPad into a TV, a roll up travel charger. I had to stop myself! And that was just looking for a teeny bit! Could you imagine what I could do if this was my FULL TIME job?!!

It would be AWESOME!!!!

What is your dream job?


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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