Nurse-In at Target

Did everyone have a great Christmas? I know that we did! The kids got lots of really cool gifts, I got the necklace I have been wanting for quite some time as well as a new pair of jazz shoes to replace my stolen ones. While there were some handmade gifts this year many came from one of our favorite stores- Target. But that store my be losing not only our business but the business of many other families due to their policies on breastfeeding.  Many mothers, including myself, choose not to use a bottle to feed our babies and have the legal right to feed our babies wherever need be. But many places do not obey this law and try to shame, threaten, and intimidate women into going to a bathroom or fitting room. It’s not right and something needs to be done. So there is going to be a nationwide nurse-in at Target stores across the country on December 28th at 10am. If you want to participate than there are many Facebook pages set up to get groups together, but even if you and a friend or two meander around nursing, it will help!

The more women who take part, the more people will see that nursing in public isn’t a big deal. It is meeting a basic human need whether for food, comfort, or bonding. And corporations need to train their employees to help make nursing easier for women by leaving them alone unless assistance is needed. Some babies need to nurse quietly so dressing rooms are a nice option. Personally Moira doesn’t care where we are if she is hungry and she definitely doesn’t put up with anything over her head!

So, if you are a nursing mama, head over to your local Target on December 28th at 10am and take a stand for your baby’s health and well being! In the meantime, here are some beautiful photos of nursing babies… (many of which have gotten removed from Facebook for indecency)… but that’s another story!

Normally, the day after Christmas would be a slew of photos, gushes about the excitement, and holiday wrap ups. But since the nurse-in is so close I decided that this was more important a cause.

I hope that even if you aren’t a nursing mom for whatever reason, you go just to show your support. Chat with a nursing mom and help spread awareness.

Thank you for listening and happy nursing!

**** UPDATE****

We went to the local Target, which was pretty empty of everyone and sat for almost 2 hours. No one bothered us or even really noticed us, but it was nice to feel like I was still making a little difference. =) Even though there weren’t many of us there, all across the country thousands of women took part in this demonstration to help show people that nursing isn’t a big deal.

Thank you to all of our supporters!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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