For 365…

I am an inherently creative person who craves color, organized chaos, and variety. But lately I have been feeling a bit stifled in my work… just uninspired. So I am going to do a 365 project. That is a project which has a theme that you do everyday without fail. What kind of project am I going to do you ask? Well that I don’t know yet. I have found many cool projects online though and wanted to share some ideas with you all before I make my final decision… who knows, maybe one of you will inspire me to choose!! Have you ever done a 365 project? Here are a few that I found online that I thought were pretty neat:

1. A Photo a Day

My friend Becca takes awesome photos!

Many people do a Photo a Day challenge, especially if they just got a nice new camera for Christmas! It is fun to see the world from behind a camera lens and to share that world with everyone. There are also the endless options for photo effects and creativity. If this is something you would like to do then here is a neat calendar of ideas to help you with ideas for subject material. You can also just stick to a single subject like faces or Storm Troopers… hehehe, I love this photo collection!

What is so great about a photo project is that the world is yours to see. You can meet strangers who will share their story and let you take their photo… how amazing, to meet 365 people who you never would have thought to stop and chat with? Or keep the project close to your heart and do the project with a best friend who lives far away. (hint hint Hana!)


2. Art a Day

Daily Drop Cap offers Drop Caps for personal use!

This is another popular choice for people who are creative. You can make something everyday, draw a picture, knit something…. whatever medium floats your boat. Some people design a paper toy everyday, some people just want to make something neat everyday. I saw jars altered, daily scrapbook challenges, and so much more!!


3. 365 Foodies

yummy recipes!!

This would be a great project for someone who was a certain passion for cooking or wants to challenge themselves to try something new. The most famous of these projects is by Julie Powell who tried a new recipe by Julia Child everyday for a year. This Oatmeal Project sounded really yummy and a fun adventure in breakfast foods! You could tackle a book, try something from each country.. ooh the possibilities!


4. Book/ Movie a Day

For this project you could review a movie a day or read just the first chapter of the book and then review it. Or you could make it a weekly thing and everyday just talk about the book so far…. there are many options here too. Gamers can do a game review or something to do with games… anything that is interesting about a favorite hobby!


5. 365 Grateful Project

Easy to do, not a lot of materials required, and will be something wonderful to look back on (or when you are feeling down. It is so easy to look at the bad when you are having a bad day… this project is good for the soul!

There are some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. This whole idea started when I saw this scarf on Pinterest, it was fun, easy to do, and you ended up with something lovely that meant something. So are you thinking about doing a 365 project??

one row a day, the color of the sky...


2 thoughts on “For 365…

  1. Good luck! As a person who has taken the 365 day challenge for my art I can understand fully what your about to partake in. I hit day 189 and feel great about my progress. The challenge is not staying motivated to do something daily but coming up with ideas to keep your project going. Good luck!

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