Handmade Happiness

Every Christmas I try to make the girls something by hand, something that they will love and remember fondly. This year I made Gabby a pretty red sparkly cowl to wear since she was constantly stealing mine and I made AJ some pretty little dolls to go with her doll house. I think that these little dollies are my favorite gift overall that I gave this year.

It was so much fun to paint the dolls like her favorite princess (although she pointed out that I forgot one or two, lol!). Here they are in their new home…

I love watching her and the other two girls play with the house. They have the dolls in a jacuzzi outside, cooking for a party, and just being nice… it is really fun to see. (Moira also got a doll house from a friend, a Little People one, so she can play with dolls as well!) AJ was really excited when she came down and saw her new house set up and the box of dolls waiting for her. =)  I also got something handmade from Klint- this necklace I have been eyeing for over a year!! I looooove it, it’s dainty and perfect for a mama of three girls!


Did you give or receive anything handmade this Christmas?



What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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