Happy 2012!

Today is the start of a new year, the year of the dragon. Even though I have the ability to change the course of my life at any point, there is something about a shiny new year that really gets me motivated. I don’t like setting resolutions for myself because I inevitably lose sight within a few short weeks. I do like to have a simple and short goal though to keep me on track for the year. I like to have a few simple goals in mind when I think about the new year, think about what worked last year and what didn’t, try to improve and make positive changes to benefit my family and myself.

Last night we partied with a dear friend and her daughter. We made  Shirley Temples for the kids and Parrot Bays with Coke for ourselves, ate loads of veggies, chips. and shrimp. It was lovely and perfect. Music was played, dancing while dressing up, and lots of giggles. All three girls made it to midnight, to my complete surprise. The girls got to countdown to midnight and had a great time with all the fanfare of a great party. I loved it and I think that they did too. We let them crash on the pull out couch in the living room after popping the poppers and shouting their little hearts out. Memories were definitely made.It was exactly how I wanted to end one year and start a new one!

I wish you all a bright and happy new year. Thank you for joining me here, in my little corner of the world!!



What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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