This Year’s Word

Every year I try to make subtle but sustainable changes to my life to better myself.

I know that I have come a long way but there are still some areas that I want to improve on, the most important being my rashness.

So this year’s word is:

I know that I tend to act first, feel first, then think later. It gets me into hot water more than I care to admit. It also causes me to buy stuff I don’t need… I get so excited about the sale or the item that I don’t think it through. So I need to just step back and breathe for a second, then proceed.

Breathe. It is my mantra. AJ is refusing to do something… breathe then think about how to handle the situation calmly before flying off the handle. I need to breathe more, in and out, letting calm wash over me before I just react. I tend to get flustered, frustrated, caught up in the small details instead of looking at the big picture… my goal is to step back.

It is a little word that I hope will help take me to be a better parent and wife, friend and teacher. Do you have a goal for this year or a word that you want to remember?

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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