Working On Something Big…

I have a project in the works… it is going to big (hopefully) and lots of fun. It is something that is going to take a lot of planning and I can’t do it alone. I have a lot of research to do, need to find some crazy people to help me along the way, and I’m hoping that I can do some good for a lot of women who need a helping hand. This is my inspiration:



So here is what I need from you lovely readers:

1. Anyone want to suggest some organizations in Africa that benefit women?

2. Any of my Cleveland friends want to help me organize something that is fun, will benefit women, and will be good for the soul?

3. I am looking for a graphic designer who will help me design a tee shirt for the event, possibly pro bono since the point is to raise money, not spend it… =)

I am excited. I get to combine my favorite things for a great cause. So very excited!


3 thoughts on “Working On Something Big…

  1. Might be a little different than what you were planning, but I saw an amazing/disturbing documentary at a film screening a few months ago and learned about this woman, Somaly Mam. She is INCREDIBLE. Though not in Africa, her story, along with her work to help women and girls is inspiring. Since I’ve learned of her, I’ve begun supporting her charity, and if it fits within the scope of your project, I hope you will too!

  2. Have you heard of Every Mother Counts? They are an organization that help pregnant women in Africa. I don’t know the exact statistic, but hundreds of women die every day in child birth or pregnancy related issues and 80% or 90% are preventable. Women aren’t educated about pregnancy, don’t have the resources to get to doctors or sometimes have to travel days on foot to get to a doctor then either the doctor doesn’t have the resources or is overwhelmed and turns the mom away. A supermodel was over there a few months ago and recruited a team to run the NYC marathon to raise awareness and money. Let me know what you decide. Sounds like a great idea!!

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