And then there’s this…

One of the downfalls of a huge social network of ideas and opinions like Pinterest is that things may pop up that are offensive. Some people are offended by nudity, others by various religions, and some may shy away from photos of breastfeeding where a breast is shown. Me? This is what makes me sick:


This is something that is flying around Pinterest and it makes me nauseous looking at it. The thought that people are supporting this way of thinking- even the more mainstream me doesn’t jive with it’s school of though. No wonder our children are rebelling, having risky behaviors, basically leaving us the first chance they get. This poster sounds like what an abusive husband would say to his wife after beating her up! “Yes honey, I stalk you and am your worst nightmare for your own good and because I LOVE you!” Wow!  Really? This is how we are treating our children? Personally I would run far far away from someone who lectures me and drives me insane as well!

Why does society think that this way of thinking is the best way to have a trusting, loving relationship with our kids? After reading all the support for the poster and the comments I thought about what my own promise to the girls and what it really consists of.

So, here is my own version of the poster. Mind you, it was hastily thrown together and the graphics aren’t that fancy… but you get the idea.

What is your promise to your children?

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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