Random Bites

Howdy! (I’ve been listening to country music… forgive the random western speak! lol!) How was your week? Mine was pretty good. Did you know that today is the last day I get to say I am 30? That’s right… tomorrow I will be a 30-something. Somehow that is harder to deal with than last year’s birthday. Anyhow, here are some interesting things I have seen/read/tried… enjoy and I will see you back tomorrow!

Thanks to this tutorial I have not only mastered the Granny Square but am working on my first crocheted baby blanket!

This recipe is to die for… even AJ had two helpings…

Loving this simple artwork and can’t wait to do it with the kids…

Yet again another reason why I am thankful we homeschool… those poor kids!

I have never seen this before and am interested in trying it with my homeschool co-op art class.

I just heard about this movie from a Facebook group I belong too, I hope it is as powerful as The Business of Being Born!

I always wanted to make one of these for the girls room, seems easy enough… =-)

Speaking of making things, here are some great tutorials for making all kinds of bracelets…

Moira thinks that she needs to sit with her toys... and in every other box she sees!

And if you only click on one of these, click this one. This is probably one of the best parenting essays I have read in a while. I struck home with me and made me realize that I am very guilty of a lot of it. Hopefully I will be more mindful of this bad behavior from now on. It is so hard to put away our judgements and just accept that not everyone is going to parent the same way but I agree with the author that if we, as mothers, try hard our children will be better for it!