CD Review: Ladybug Music

While we were at the library yesterday I decided to check out some new music for my dance classes. Because I teach preschoolers and Kinder classes I have the wonderful option to really explore music with them and am not restricted by whats cool or hip on the radio. Many times I will just browse the library’s CD collection and pick up music with neat titles or great artwork. Two of the CDs that I picked up were by a company called Ladybug Music. I had no clue that they are actually CDs from music and movement classes but I am completely smitten with the music!

We got The Purple Collection and The Yellow Collection to try and I can’t stress enough how much FUN the music is! From classic children’s rhymes to ethnic tunes, the CD changes styles and speed with ease, keeping the children engaged and adding variety to their movements. Not to mention that the songs aren’t sickly sweet so the parents enjoy them too. My favorite was a song called Crawdad which has a hoe-down kinda feel, prompting the kids, Klint, and I to start square dancing in the middle of the living room- much to Moira’s delight! You can listen to a sneak peek of all the songs here, but they are truly worth having if you have kids or are around kids at all.

I think it is really important to vary kids music from The Beatles to Sesame Street and also different ethnic music like Gaelic or African. You will be surprised what they like! Gabby prefers House music and traditional Irish while AJ likes pop, classical piano, and Moira loves Robyn and Selena Gomez. The only thing we don’t really listen to is hard rap or screaming hair bands. =)

I would definitely recommend Ladybug Music series to all my friends! Hop over and listen to some of their songs yourself!!



2 thoughts on “CD Review: Ladybug Music

  1. Wow thanks for your wonderful review Connie! it means so much to me and I’m very glad that you and your family are enjoying the music! I’m going to have to share this with the Ladybug families šŸ™‚
    Keep on singin’ and dancin’!

    Big bug hug,
    Owner & Creator
    Ladybug Music program & CD’s

    1. Thank you Patricia for taking the time to read the review and comment! I love reaching outside the box with the music I play at home and for my dancers and your CD’s definitely fit the bill!

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