Sick of Being Sick

These last couple of days have been rough, I’m not going to lie. My only saving grace is that I have been the only one with this wicked head cold… at least none of the kids are sick and for that I am thankful. But I am over the head pounding, sneezing, pressure on my cheekbones, ickiness that has infected me. Over it.

It is hard being a parent and not feeling good. Kids don’t tell you to go lay down, cuddle under a blanket, or take a nap. They don’t realize that bending over makes you feel dizzy or if loud noises make you want to cry. They just go about their business and even though they may try to “help” make you feel better they still need you. Gabby is old enough to realize that I’m not myself and need a bit more quiet and relaxing going on but the other two are too little to know better. Ugh, it is rough being sick.

I am trying to limp along, drinking my tea, letting the girls play games and watch looooong movies, hoping that tomorrow when I wake up I will not feel as though my head is in a vise. (Did I mention that teaching dance to 4 yr olds with tap shoes on is equally horrifying when you have a head cold?)

I’ll be back soon… when the pounding stops and I don’t feel like my head is full of nails on a chalkboard. I have tons of Pinterest finds, craft tutorials, and yummy recipes to share!!


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