Today… I am making heart shaped red pancakes with bananas and strawberries, pink milk is also on the menu!

There are some great Valentine’s Day ideas here, here, and here

I need to hang this on my door!

I can’t wait to make this with the girls today, it is super cute and pretty easy, plus they are obsessed with birds!

I am teaching the girls about Harriet Tubman and the beginning of the Civil War thanks to some awesome resources from this site.

Even though I have my own style if painting spool and peg dolls, attempting to paint sparkling eyes like this is tempting…

Finding new and cool fonts is a favorite habit of mine… yes, I am a font snob!

After reading all the hullabaloo about parenting this week I really enjoyed reading this awesome list… every parent could benefit from reading it!

This blog inspires and awes me everyday… and makes me long for warmer temps… =)

I saw this artist on another blog and Gabby is already drawing up a design, maybe if we’re lucky it would be done by her birthday!

Finally I leave you with this, since it is 12:23am and I am blogging, even though my eyes are telling me to go up to bed!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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