10 Things Making Me Happy

Here are 10 things that are making me pretty happy right now:

10. I got the kids art stuff cleaned out today, bye bye broken crayons and moldy play dough!

9. Yummy homemade French Onion soup.

8. Reading Nicholas Spark’s new book The Best of Me… it is soooooo good!

7.Working on some new products for my Etsy store- covered button bookmarks

6. While I was on a roll I also cleaned and organized the girl’s books…

5. I am loving having Klint home an extra night this week thanks to President’s Day

4. Speaking of Klint, I made him this fun poster to join in on the graphic fun flying around the web:

3.  I am excited to see some sorority sisters tomorrow, that makes me very happy

2. Cozy blankets with sleeping baby underneath

1. Selling 2 fairy doors on Etsy and transferring money from Paypal… that definitely makes me happy!!!


2 thoughts on “10 Things Making Me Happy

    1. I went to Baldwin-Wallace College which is a small 4 yr private college here in Ohio. It’s actually the reason why I left NY where I am originally from. I was in Zeta Tau Alpha, a wonderful sorority full of awesome girls who are truly my sisters!!

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