Right Now I Am

{loving}  my new pool blue Rabito iPhone case… a review tomorrow

{eating}  some of this yummy addictive Buffalo Chicken Dip, change out the ranch for blue cheese though- way more authentic!

{feeling}  so much better now that I am over that nasty cold (unfortunately Klint has it!)

{drinking}  sweet tea… I am addicted to the stuff

{sending}  my thoughts and prayers out to the victims, families, teachers, and professionals touched by the school shooting that happened today, my sorority sister could have been there and I am ever so thankful she wasn’t.

{listening}  to the sounds of a quiet and sleeping house… so very nice

{reading}  this extraordinary list and smiling at the ones we have done, which as a lot I am proud to say

{working}  on so many projects from Etsy sales to dance recital routines but having fun….

{making}  covered button crafts- bookmarks with blanks from here, hair ties like these, and awesome earrings from some of my Japanese fabric stash

{watching}  my littlest girl grow so fast before my eyes… she has so many words and questions now, everything is “What’s that?” or “What’s this?”

{learning}  about dolphins, Komodo dragons, bridges, Ireland, robots, and bucket list ideas with the girls!

{playing}  with red Solo cups with all the girls… who knew cups would be so much fun to play with? We stack, pour, build, crumble… endless possibilities!

{thinking}  about this company and how beautiful their necklaces are and even more beautiful their creators!

{wearing}  my version of a necklace because I was so inspired and made another for a dear friend in need of a pick me up!

{wishing} everyone a great night,  (and that I knew how to knit because I am in LOVE with these for Moira!)


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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