Hey Rabito!

I am a sucker for cute accessories, especially furry ones. I can’t help myself when it comes to adding cuteness to my phone, car, jacket… anything really. So when I saw the Rabito phone case on a favorite blog I follow, Pugly Pixel, I had to know more.

{photo from Pugly Pixel}

This case is adorable to say the least and is catching to the eye, while I was out today at least 2 people asked me about it! Although it retails for around $30 in the actual Rabito store I bought mine from eBay, winning the auction at $0.25!! All said and done I paid under $5 for this awesome little case, a steal and a price that I was really happy with since I have never seen the case in person.(If you want to get a case from eBay be aware that there are counterfeits out there, look for the Rabito name logo on the side of the case as well as authentic packaging.) I purchased my case from here and am bidding on a pink one from this store… gotta love eBay!

Here are my thoughts about this case:

It is a very cool looking case that is sturdy, fun, and protects the phone. The ears not definitely not flimsy pieces of silicone, they are tough and I don’t see them breaking or bending easily at all, plus I love that you can wrap your earphones around them. The fluffy tail is awesome, allows your phone to stand up or be on the side easily, and can pop off if you need it to. I am in love with the color, a very cheerful tropical blue that suits me perfectly. But of course this case does have a few drawbacks.

If the tail is on and you have small hands then it is hard to hold the phone to your ear. My hands just aren’t big enough to go around both tail and the phone, so when I get a call that I might be chatting for awhile I pop it off. I use my headphone jack quite a bit at the dance studio and the hole that was cut out isn’t quite big enough to hold the cord in well, although I will say that the cord is very large and heavy duty. I had no problems with normal headphone jacks. For some reason my charging cord that came with my phone isn’t fitting in right with the case on but when I tried a different charging cord ($5 one form Five Below it fit perfectly), so you may have to try different cords to see which ones fit the best.

All in all I am in love with the case and smile whenever I look at it. It would make a great basket filler for a teen or bunny loving women, Easter is right around the corner! There are a couple great colors and new silver or gold editions at the Rabito store are really posh looking. Highly recommend this case if you are looking to add some kawaii to your phone!


One thought on “Hey Rabito!

  1. Hello! Just discovered your blog. Its very cute!! Found it because of my own rabito case that came in today 🙂 But all my cables fitted well in.. Although mine was for the iPhone 5 😉
    Keep up the good blog!! XOXO

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