Hola Mis Amigos!

Hey there friends! How is everyone’s Saturday going? Things are going well here at Casa de Krebs I am pleased to report. Today the girls had their first swim lesson through our city Rec Center and absolutely loved it. AJ is pretty fearless when it comes to trying new things and Gabby just has fun in the water in general.

This week we went to the zoo, made jewelry, had a blast making messes at the co-op we belong to, ate the yummiest meal ever, colored, crafted, played, read, and so much more. Gabby wants to start a cat sitting service and we made a visit to the local animal shelter to drop off a cat condo and visit with the dogs and cats waiting for homes. If I wasn’t married I would definitely be a crazy cat lady… thank goodness Gabby has serious allergies to keep me in check, lol. (She is used to our pets so they aren’t a problem but on a scale of 0-5 she is a +4 for cat and dog allergies)

Our week was full of a lot of great activities and I know more fun is in store for my rowdy crew!

Here are some pics to enjoy:


I am getting ready for some fun St. Patrick’s Day and Dr. Seuss crafts so check back in the next few days for some awesome roundups! Cheers and have a great weekend!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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