For Now

I am dog tired from a very tiring week… Miss Moira JUST went to sleep (it is 12:30am) and is keeping a very late schedule with little napping these days. How that girl functions with so little sleep is beyond me! I am constantly reminding myself that as long as she is happy, doesn’t look tired, and is her normal self to just accommodate her routine and that this stage will pass.

That is a good mantra for most stages in parenting I believe, good or bad. Whether your child is new to this world or 7 and navigating new independence, stages pass and quickly it seems. It is best to just deal with the now and see the happiness that is there, however small it may be at times. A very smart fellow homeschooling mama told me today that she tells herself, “Qualities that are not so awesome in kids make for really awesome adults”. How true! (She has an opinionated 4 yr old as well!)

For now I am going to sit back and enjoy these lovely girls, not worry about the tomorrows or the yesterdays… Be back tomorrow for some St. Patrick’s Day fun-ness!


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