A Dash of Awesomness

Ok, so I know that I said that I was going to post about some fun St. Patty’s Day stuff, but I got a really good question/comment about my last post and I wanted to answer it before I got distracted! So bear with me…

My good friend Sara asked, ” What “annoying” qualities in kids are actually pretty awesome in adults?”

Well, I can go on and on about how AJ is stubborn, bossy, opinionated, questions everything, and goes out of her way to piss Gabby off. She doesn’t take no for an answer and throws things when she gets mad. While these qualities may irk me sometimes I know not to squash her personality because in all actuality she has many qualities of a “Leader” in the adult world. Leaders are people who question the status quot, dig in their heels to get the job done, and who are generally competitive. So all those childhood sibling rivalries really do pay off!

Gabby cries REALLY easily, she is day dreaming at times and other times she is very focused on one thing and one thing only. She lets AJ boss her around and is kinda nosy when I am on the phone. However, because she is sensitive she is great at knowing when other people are upset. Her focus will really come in handy when she has a job to do and hopefully her day dreaming will fuel her wonderful creativity.

This is the best way for me to describe how, at least in our house, these personalities are developing:

As a toddler if Gabby wanted a drink of water she would go to the kitchen, call for me to help her, and wait patiently. Sometimes this was really annoying because I knew that she could do it herself. But she was scared of spilling, etc, so she always asked and waited. She is a rule follower and not a risky taker. Then AJ came along and decided that if she wanted a drink of water she would do it herself. Sure she would make messes but she was proud of herself for figuring out the problem with no help. (She throws the rule book out every day!) Finally, I have Moira who is very quick and clever. She will go down and up the stairs by herself, but she is careful, steady, and cautious (thank goodness!). Can you see how these three personalities are different but like many adults you know?

I guess my point was that while it may be a royal pain in the butt to have to play wardrobe manager to a 4 yr old, try to go along with it because she may be the next big fashion designer. And yes, constant tears over every little frustration can really grate on my nerves sometimes… but I know that those strong emotions will come in handy when she is grown and have people looking to her for comfort.

And me? As a kid I doodled on my shoes, books, jeans… I was highly competitive in the classroom to the point that I was asking for extra work and pop quizzes. (Yes, I was THAT girl) Today I am really creative and soak up any and all information I can get my hands on. It all works out!! =)


One thought on “A Dash of Awesomness

  1. Excellent response and I didn’t expect anything less through and observant coming from THAT kind of woman. I needed to hear about the girls. I miss the Krebs casa. Also, its necessary to be reminded about the pros and cons of personalities. Thank you for perspective, friend 🙂

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