Anyone who knows me knows I am not fussy about my hair. It is the darkest shade of brown so I am never worried about coloring it since I can dye it back easily and it grows really quickly. I have suffered through my share of bad hair cuts and over zealous use of bleach, I tried perms that lasted all of two weeks and have rashly chopped it all off.

When I was pregnant with Moira I let my hair grow pretty long because I was lazy and enjoyed putting it up different ways. Then came the baby and all the lovely hair pulling that went along with having a nursing newborn. So last fall I cut it off into a cute shoulder length style. Well, that cut grew out and lately I was looking more homeless than hip. So I perused my Pinterest board called “Its All About Hair” and looked at styles that really caught my eye.

Now, for me there are a few rules that I follow when picking out a cute new style:

1. Model’s hair has to be the same type: straight, finer, darker shade if possible

2. Model’s face shape has to match mine.

3. Skin tones have to match if I am looking at colors as well.

(Extra plus if the hair is parted the same!)


And this is the cut that I chose:

Not a bad match huh?! It is a cut that suits my hair and is really easy to manage and style, a must right now with me chasing crazy baby! Of course I gaze at the lovely curled locks on my Pinterest board as well but I know that those styles just aren’t very feasible right now for me and wouldn’t really fit my face.

I don’t have a “before” photo but take it from me that it was looking scary! Anyhow, that is what I have been up to the last couple of days… pondering and going back and forth between letting it grow and chopping it off. How does everyone else make decisions about their hair, it is a well planned choice or a spur of the moment kind of thing?

Hmmm…. if I did grow my hair long though I would totally do something like this to it:



2 thoughts on “Hair!

  1. I’m a wuss when it comes to my hair. I play it so safe. I love having long hair because it makes pony tails easy and out of my face and the hands of the babe. However, I love looking at pics when my hair was in a bob at my chin. My hair is coarse and very thick and I have a super round face. So many cuts I love wouldn’t work well with me. However, I’m contemplating cutting it short for the summer…not sure if I’ll actually follow-through. Thankfully, my Bestie is a hair stylist (and mine) and she is very honest with me on what will and won’t work.

    1. I love having longer hair too because of dance, but it just doesn’t grow out well. It is very fine and has a tendency to get oily quick. I have found that shorter, chin and shoulder length, styles work better because it make my hair look thicker. I love an honest stylist who won’t let me do dumb things (like dye my hair cotton candy pink!). Short would look super cute on you!

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