My Life’s A Beach

These last two weeks have been amazingly warm.

Considering that it is March and we live in Cleveland, anything above 60 is considered unnatural. You mention 70’s and 80’s and the whole city is jumping into the lake.

Well, maybe not the whole city- but my girls and my friend Lili’s kids sure as heck did yesterday.

FYI- 80+ degrees out does not mean a warm lake yet… it was COLD!!

These little ones didn’t care though. They hooted and hollered, dove under, and generally had a blast.

Me? I was content to watch my baby discover sand and sit stiller than I have ever seen her.

She sat in one spot (of her own volition), examined the sand in front of her, digging, playing with her toes, and was so quiet… very unlike her.

But she loved it.

I could see her happiness at this new place, her wonder at this fine stuff that she could dig in.

It was so wonderful to see… discovery and curiosity.

My girls and Lili’s three wonderful children- Jack, Milo, and Esme played so great together (they are all pretty mellow kids),

giving Lili and I a chance to breathe and chat.

Nice doesn’t begin to describe it.

It may dump a boat load of snow on us tomorrow or next week, who knows?

But I am going to treasure this first beach day of 2012!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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