Things That Make Me Happy

In keeping with trying to take care of myself it is really important that I keep up my upbeat nature and surround myself with things that are happy. This is actually a pretty easy thing because I see beauty, happiness, and good everywhere. It is the little things that make me smile from painting Moira’s toes to a quiet moment with a good book. I have relied on this ability a lot in my childhood, before and after I was put in foster care, and make an effort everyday to find something new and happy to see.

Here are some things that I found that are pretty cool!

I love drinking lemonade out of a Mason Jar, these tops are so neat and pretty.

The girls love to have me paint their nails… these treat eggs are going in their Easter basket!

“You Are My Sunshine” is one of my favorite songs to sing around the house, these prints are lovely

Nothing is sweeter than reading to a baby, celebrate with pretty bookends in animal shapes.

We are watching the Muppet Movie right now and are obsessed with all things Muppet!! Love this poster!!!

Watching my cats look at birds outside makes me giggle. I must make this for them!!

Unsightly nails do not make me happy… stick a nifty leaf cover on them and voila! Happiness!!

{What little things make you happy?}


2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I guess I had no idea you were in foster care. In all I’ve seen with children and teens from/in foster care, you have adapted and coped so well with your circumstances. I wish others were able to do so. Have you ever posted about your experience and what you found helpful?

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